Services we offer

We help small to mid-size growth companies better understand their customers through market and product landscaping and voice-of-customer research.

Our goal is to help organisations stay relevant to customers, sustain competitive advantage and develop market-leading products and services.

We do this by pragmatically using research techniques to generate useful insights with actionable outputs.

We provide research-derived evidence, inspiration and direction to help clients prepare effective marketing and business plans.

Examples projects and packages

Each project is unique given that every client faces their own market challenges. As a guide, however, here are typical projects we frequently asked to deliver.

Market Landscape / Competitor Analysis Review

Overview of current market and/or competitors with segmentation. Size and forecasts estimates. Review of market and technology trends with assessment of impact on business.
Guide: from £3,000

Market Landscape and Voice of Customer Research

In addition to market landscape work, we would find out more about your customers. This could include customer analysis, in-depth interviews with key buyers and research into customer requirements.
Guide: from £4,000 – £6,000

Market Sizing and Forecasts

Research to estimate the potential number of customers for a product and realisable market size. Using a combination of desk research and statistical analysis we build a detailed forecast model to feed into business plans.
Guide: from £3,000 – £5,000

Business Plan Strategy Workshop

A quick way to formulate a tactical plan for your organisation. We will run a half day workshop with senior team members using SWOT Analysis methodology to develop a strategic map with action points.
Guide: £1,500 – £2,500

These are just examples. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.